Friday, July 27, 2007

Saying Goodbye/See you later to Great Friends!

My friend Susan was kind enough to host a gathering for our friends!
We had some great snacks, and don't forget the S'mores!
We all just sat around the fire and talked and laughed!
It was a fun night! Below are some of our dearest friends that
we had to say good-bye for a little while...until later this year!
Love you!

Go West Michigan White Caps!

The White Caps are a local minor league baseball team!
We were able to catch a game with some good friends before the
move to Texas! It was a lot of fun! Although, I'm not sure what the best part was...
the game, the food, or the entertainment inbetween innings!
It was a great night...even though the Caps lost after the 12th inning.

We missed having Michelle there! But Larry shared Stacy with Craig!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More and More!

Some more wedding photos!

Mr. & Mrs. Mathew (x2)!!

We were able to spend some time with Ben's parents after the wedding.
We had a busy, but great, couple of days being able to have some down time before the big move!
Thank you for all the meals and all the help with packing as we were getting ready for the move!
Love & Miss you!

Hanging out with the Mathews

A funfilled evening with Josh & Tamara and the girls!
Josie showing us her dancing moves in the living room then crashing on her bum!
Addie staying up to hang out with Aunt Emily!
Addie getting tickled by her daddy!

We had a chance to hang out with Josh & Tamara and the girls before we went to Texas!

We had such a great time! We had a wonderful meal...which turned Ben & I into zuccini lovers! Then we followed it up with some ice cream and a movie!

Thanks so much you guys! We had a great time! Miss you! Love you!

Hanging out with the Curry's

Olivia and Simeon Curry!
What a cute brother and sister! I'm sure you're always this nice to each other!
Thanks for letting Uncle Ben & Aunt Emily hang out with you!
You guys are so much fun!

You guys were so brave feeding the goats!

Grandpa Mathew did a great job showing you what to do!

Even Uncle Ben wasn't scared to help!

Sophie and Simeon checking out the view from a little higher up!

A couple of days before we left for Texas we were able to hang out with the Curry family! We had a great time! We went to Mooville in Nashville, MI! Complete with a petting zoo and really good ice cream! We had so much fun with you all!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Take a look and see!

Our wedding photos are up!

If you want to take a peek...
The website is:

Enjoy! And remember....there are about 1200+ photos!

So find yourself a comfortable seat!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun at the Wibbeler Farm

We were invited to go up to Larry's parents farm in Onsted, MI.
We had such a great time. We started the afternoon swimming on a hot July day.
We then went back to Larry's parents house for an amazing homecooked meal.

The boys were fly fishing in the backyard pond.
And Stacy and I, well- we didn't fly fish... but we still posed like we did!
The next morning we started the day off by shooting (or trying to shoot skeet)!
What a fun weekend!

Thanks so much Mr. & Mrs. Wibbeler (x2)!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Honeymoon In Traverse

Wine Tasting on Mission Point Penninsula!

The farthest possible point on Mission Point Penninsula!

Long Sleeves and pants not typical for July!

Kayaking for about 1 hour in Traverse Bay; a good time

a bit too windy to be thoroughly enjoyed!

Our dinner night out at Stella's in Traverse City!

We heard from all the locals it was the place to go (as well as

Mrs. Bonnema's blog) ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

8 Days of Newlywed Bliss!

Just for a quick update. This is day 8 of married life. To quickly get the point across that we have been a very mobile couple since 6/30/07.

We have slept in 5 different beds since 6/30/07.
1) Honeymoon suite at the hotel
2) Airmatress in the Holtvluwer basesment
3) Concave bed in a Holtvluwer bedroom
4) Mr. & Mrs. Wibbeler's pullout couch (thanks ;)
5) Bed at the Mathew residence

So we've been busy traveling from A to B! But we've been having a lot of fun! It's been great to be done wedding planning and just enjoying being married and being here in Michigan with our friends and families!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Bemily!!!

Here we are officially as husband and wife! I'm pretty sure the top picture is the very first picture of us as a married couple! We just wanted to first of all thank everyone, especially our families and friends for all their hard work, generosity, thoughts, and prayers. We are so happy. This day would not have been complete without everyone who was there!