Friday, August 31, 2007

More Family Fun!

Two months of marriage already!
What a trooper! That kid is just so happy!
Amy hooked us up with some amazing fajitas!

These teachers have had a rough week! Congrats on finishing the first week!

Loving it when family is in town!

My Cousin Amy and her husband Shane both have cousins (me and Nate) in the Houston area! They were able to come down for a visit! I was very excited to spend some time with both of them! We had a lot of fun! Shopping, eating, shopping, eating! Amy and I are showing off our same shirt purchase!! I know it's a lot of stripes! What a great time!
Ben & I, Brooke, Nate, Hudson, LD (Shane's cousin), Shane & Amy!
Thanks for the great fiesta!

What a cute family!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Day Babysitting Hudson!

Carrots was the entre' of the day today! I didn't know how I was going to get that kid clean after he finished! He just loved sucking on his fingers during it all!
All Clean afterwards! Even though I did find some carrot in his hair later on that night!

He was so happy when he woke up from his nap! Just smiled, smiled and smiled! I had to take a few pics!
Even though I babysat Hudson today, I felt more like I was babysitting Buster (the dog)! He is scared of thunderstorms and it was storming all day!
But Hudson helped me! He helped me pet Buster for a 1/2 hour! He was so cute!

Family Just Driving By!

We were so happy to hear from Uncle Dave and Aunt Alice Rhoades!
They had driven down to San Antonio and were able to stop by Houston on their way back!
Ben was able to give them a tour of his new school (which was still underconstruction) and showed them where our apartment was.
We then went out for some good Mexican Food, and then followed up, of course with some ice cream!
We then drove near the medical district in Houston so we could show them where I was working!
It was so great to see family! Thank you so much for stopping by Houston on your journey home! It was wonderful to see you!

Hudson vs. Buster

I busted Buster one afternoon when Nate and Brooke were gone. I found Buster curled up on Hudson's thing he lays in all the time!
Do you think that this dog has baby envy at all?
All Buster need in this picture is a pacifier and he'd be all set!

Furniture Shopping

We found this Texas sized kitchen table while we were furniture shopping one day!
It was huge! Hopefully you can see that!
We have gotten so far a sleeper-sofa, and new bedroom furniture!
Our home is starting to come together! A little bit at a time!
We decided not to get this table for fear that it might not fit into our "spacious" apartment!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bienvinedos a Texas!

Welcome to Texas!
Ben and I made it down to Texas about 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Nate & Brooke (and Hudson) were kind enough to let us stay with them
until we found a place to live.
We have found an apartment. We are moving in tomorrow morning!
We have purchased some essentials since all we had when
we moved was a bookshelf and some clothes!

Our gracious roommates toasting Texas style!
Nate making sure that everyone is in on the fun!
Gracias Senor!
Just having a relaxing night! It was such good "grapejuice"!!