Sunday, November 30, 2008

Formal Night...

Before dinner on the first formal night...we had the Captain's Reception!
The only time for free cocktails!
So we got all gussied-up and pretended we were grown-ups!
Self Portrait on the dance floor!
Rum Runner or Whisky Sour anyone?

Marking my territory! ;)

Nice pink glow from the spot lights on the dance floor!
We are not that burnt!

Cruising Together!

Over Thanksgiving week, Ben and I went on a cruise!
We left last week Sunday and got back early this morning!
We had a wonderful relaxing time!
First time cruisers! Up on the top deck!
"Need a little wind here!"
My First Mate!

My paparazzi pose! How did they find me here?
Just playing around on the deck the first day!!
More updates to come!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cracked Humerous!

I thought I would just let everyone see how wonderful
my husband is...inside and out!
Truth of the matter guy had a "sweet wipe-out" on his bike in which
he hyper-extended his shoulder.
After a trip to the ER to get it xrayed and a visit to the orthopedic
specialist, many Ibuprofen and Vicoden... it was finally diagnosed!
The head of his humerous bone has a crack on it!
After 4 weeks in a sling...he'll get it xrayed again!
Any ideas to help keep him entertained (ie...his mind off of biking)?
We've done lots of shopping and went to a museum; we'll be on a boat for a week,
but I still have 2 weeks to keep him entertained!
I am open to suggestions!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A new bike!!

So, I finally was talked into getting a mountain bike!
We bought it today, along with the appropriate saftey gear...
and we went out on the trail tonight with our friends Rick & Melissa!
I think I did okay...but I have a lot to learn... and I had a ton of fun!
I can't wait to get back out there!
This bike is a lot nicer than my Huffy I got from KMart!

Senior Picture Pose!
Thanks Ben for teaching me!!

Congratulations to Dana & Fransisco!!

Isabella Grace Reyes

2 weeks old!

Last month my good friend Dana from work had her first baby!
Isabella is such a beautiful little baby and Dana and Fransisco are
doing a wonderful job! They were able to come over and
visit and have some birthday cheesecake!

Happy Birthday to Ben (last Monday 10/27)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!
I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

Hope you liked your Oreo Cheesecake...compliments of...
The Cheesecake Factory!

Wings Over Houston Air Show!

Last week Sunday, Ben and I went to the Wings Over Houston air show!
It was so great! I mean....who doesn't like an air show?
I took some sweet video too...but I've spent the past 2 days trying to post them and I have officially given up! The USAF Thunderbirds were there and put on a great show! It is so incredible to watch them fly!
But here are some pics from the day!
Me in familiar surroundings....thank goodness they didn't need my services that day!
We found a really cool jeep and took a pic of Ben by it...but then...
we found a really cool jeep with a gun on it...way cooler!

Re-enactment of Pearl Harbor! It was a great show,
I cannot imagine living through the real day.

Only in Houston....80 degrees, no shade anywhere...but under the wings of a B-52 Bomber!
That plane was so huge...I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing in one shot!