Sunday, December 13, 2009

....and More Family!

As my mom stayed home and recovered from surgery,
my dad flew down to spend Thanksgiving with us too!
It was great to be able to go out to dinner with him, and
to be able to spend some time with him!
My dad, me, and his granddaughter Laney
Nate, Dad, and Laney

My dad and his grandkids!
It was great having you down here dad!
We are looking forward to spending some more time together
next week for Christmas!

Thankful for Family

Thanksgiving week!
We had some very special visitors come!
Ben's parents took the long drive down to Texas to be
with us for Thanksgiving!
It was so great to be able to celebrate a holiday in our home with our family!
It was a busy week! With of course a lot of food!
Ben's parents near Galveston Bay
Ben's mom thinking of maybe getting on that cruise ship!
Like Father, Like Son!
Ben's dad strolling the beach!
What a wonderful photo!
I (Emily) wasn't able to make it as I was working on some school
We spent a lot of the week running errands together, showing Ben's
parents where we go to church, relaxing, cooking, and visiting.
It was great to have you down here! We can't wait to see you
next week!

Hanging Out With Hudson

A while ago Ben and I went to Nate and Brooke's house for dinner.
Well, Hudson wanted Uncle Ben and Aunt Emmy to
come and play with him in his room.
He wanted us to sit on both sides of him as he picked out
different books for us to read.
He didn't want us to go back into the living room, just wanted
us to stay and hang out with him.
Too cute!