Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack Johnson!

Last night we went to go see Jack Johnson!
Yes, it was a school night, but he was in town so we
had to take advantage!
It was a great show!
Killing time before Jack came on the stage
There was everything there from electric, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, accordion, piano, organs,
and drums!
It was great!
Normal smiling pic!

Visitors from Michigan!

Ben's brother Josh and his wife Tamara braved the August
heat of Texas and came down for a visit!
It was so wonderful to have them here!

We took them to a lot of great places to eat, had some downtime watching
multiple episodes of The Office, and hung out in Galveston for a day!

We took them to see where we both worked.
This building is a parking garage in the medical center that
has a waterfall coming off of the sides, I think that it is
a pretty cool building!

Thank you guys so much for coming down!
Of course these are the only two pictures that I took!
I need to get better at that!

Loved having you down here!

Michigan kind of Summer

We had a fabulous time in Michigan and Ohio this summer!
So much fun in fact that I didn't take a single picture!
We were able to spend some much needed time catching
up with friends and family!

We drove this summer and our dog Chai was such a good traveler!
I guess there was nothing else to do in the car but take pictures
so we took some of our pup!

Snuggled into the suitcase in the back seat!
She has her "Really?" face on here
At one point during the trip I tried to fill her water dish so she could drink,
well, I spilled a little water on her blanket and the next
time I turned around she had her butt sitting up on the suitcase
so to not get wet! What a weird dog!

It was all in all a safe and wonderful trip!
We are both looking forward to Christmas already!