Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fredricksburg, TX

Our last day out on Saturday.
We spent the day in Fredricksburg, TX. This town is so awesome.
We did some Christmas shopping downtown (this downtown was kind of like Holland's on steroids)! They had a store with many great sauces, jams, dips, salsas, ect...
That place had a free sample of whatever and however much you wanted!
We could've had lunch there!

This room was filled with many different hot sauces!

More Hiking!

Later on Friday we found some other trails in Austin.
We weren't sure where they went to, but it was such great hiking weather!

After about a 7 mile hike...we realized there really wasn't a "picturest destination".
Supposedly there were waterfalls, but they must be all dried out.
This was the only water we found. Perhaps it was supposed to be a river?
It felt so nice to be outside for most of the day!

Hiking... Mount Bonnell Austin, TX

Black Friday- we decided to take advantage of the beautiful hill country and go for a hike.
Our first "hike" was to Mount Bonnell in Austin.
It wasn't so much a huge hike, but it gave a great overlook of the city of Austin.

Just a couple of stairs along the way!
And of course Ben has to take the hard route!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

More From Austin

We found an It's A Grind Coffee House in Austin on Friday morning!
This is the place we met for our first date (in Grand Rapids though)!
So far we have been to It's A Grind in Grand Rapids, MI, Sarasota, FL, and now Austin, TX!

Random Picture Alert!

Our motel the first night in Austin was far from a 4 star. In fact, I had to take a picture of this because I've never seen anything like this! This is the view when you're sitting on the commode. I noticed a bottle opener screwed into the area below the sink! Me thinks this was quite hilarious!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
This year, we were unable to make it home for Thanksgiving.
We didn't want to sit in our apartment and sulk. Even though we were
sad we weren't home, we tried to make the best of our situation!
We started Thanksgiving morning leaving for Austin, TX at 6:00am.
We found a place on-line called The Soup Peddler.
We got bundled up... it was in the 40's!
We stood in line, and got 6 meals with beverages and brought them
to the car and drove downtown Austin to deliver them!
We met some wonderful people in line. We even were invited to a family's Thanksgiving meal at their home later that day!

We drove around for a little bit...since we don't really know downtown Austin very well.
Our main concern (being the first cold day in awhile) was that we didn't want to offend anyone.
We didn't want to offer a meal to someone who wasn't homeless.
Finally we decided, the food wasn't getting any hotter and just jumped right out and started to offer the food. We looked for people looking in the garbage, carrying lots of bags, ect...
The best reaction of the day was a middle-aged man we drove up to. I asked him if he would like a warm meal and his response was, "Ain't no sh*t?"
He was overwhelmed and so thankful!
After delivering for awhile we noticed that most everyone on the streets had a container filled with food!

We then stopped by the local grocery store in between dropping off meals, and purchased our very nutritious Thanksgiving dinner. Pop Tarts and Gaterade!

It was a great day! We had so much fun being with each other and helping others! We also are so thankful for our families and missed them dearly!

First Day Off!!

Ben and I had a few days off together! It was wonderful!
Wednesday we went to Galveston, TX and went shopping.
We found the most wonderful smelling candles in the world!
Wednesday before Thanksgiving.... sunny, 80 degrees!

Trying to find the right place for our new sign!
I don't think this is the right place!
I don't think this place is right either!
Ahhh...that's better! We found the perfect sign to put beneath
our parents and grandparents on their wedding days!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My wonderful friends Tony & Allisun Westhouse
Welcomed a new baby girl into this world this morning!
Tuesday November 20, 2007
5ish am (I don't remember exactly)!
Madison Renae Westhouse

6lbs 13oz 18 inches long!

Mom and baby are doing well!!
I heard that it was a close call getting to the hospital on time!
Congratulations! What a wonderful gift from above!
Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Okay, so you've spent the last couple of days looking at us with M&M's in our noses...
Just thought I'd let you know, we got them out successfully...and that we
might even clean up pretty good!

I love my hubby!

Another Haircut!

Another big moment! I got a hair cut!
I really like it.... just thought I'd share!

This looks like a bad shampoo commercial!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cheap Entertainment

What do you get when you....awww.... I can't think of anything clever!
Just Ben & I hanging out! Having fun with M&M's~
I don't know why, but it's always funny when you put something up your nose!

I better get them out fast! It looks like he's gonna blow!

Last Day with Dad!

Monday was the last day my dad was here.
Nate, Hudson, my dad, and I went to Kemah for the morning
and walked around and fed the sting rays!
Those things are crazy!

Well, first we fed Hudson, then the stingrays!

I thought this one was going to jump right out of the water!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just a Great Pic!

Just a great pic of Hudson I had to share!
I don't think his smile can get any bigger!
Love you buddy!

Weirdos found at the Renissance Festival

Other Weirdos we saw there!

Trying to stay normal amongst all the craziness!
My Dad & me eating some amazing ice cream sandwiches!
Beer & a turkey leg anybody? I actually wanted the turkey leg!
I mean, how often do you get to eat a huge drumstick like that?
Ps.. it was awesome!

Meat on a stick! Wins everytime!
Nate with his pride & joy waiting for the joust to start!

Thanks for the play by play Nate!

My dad & I just enjoying the day!

Grandpa Holtvluwer & Hudson

My dad has been in Houston for a couple of days! It's been great to be able
to spend some time with him!
My dad loves spending time with his grandson!
I can see the resemblances!
Hudson just needs to work on his tan!

Like father like son, like grandson!
Hudson loved swinging on my dads leg!