Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandma Holtvluwer was in town!

My mom was able to come down for a week in October to come and
visit and see her new granddaughter!
We had a great visit! My mom and I were able to go out
for a few lunches as well as have some dinners together!
Grandma Holtvluwer with her two precious grandkids!
Such a great picture!
My mom and Laney
My mom, Brooke, and I and Laney went out for a ladies tea!
Always fun hanging out with the girls!
It was great to have you come visit mom! always!!
Love you and miss you!

Friday, November 13, 2009


On our last full day in Austin, we spent the morning on a zip-line tour!
We had such a great time!

Our group that we went with! We had two great guides,
and we also went with another couple, Jo and Joe!
We all got along so well and we had such a great time!
At the end of the tour getting a golf cart ride back!
I think that this is Ben!
Our group before we went down our last zip line!
Swinging in the Cypress trees!


Way to go Stac!
Larry making it across one of the suspension bridges!
Before we started the tour! Anxious to get started!

More fun times for Ben's birthday celebration!

The next day after our evening at Hondo's, we
spent the day walking around downtown doing
some window shopping!
Stacy and I waiting for Ben and Larry!
This was the view from the condo we stayed at in Austin!
It was so beautiful!
We were on our way out to eat and had to take some
pics by this amazing sunset!
Stacy and Larry
Ben and I

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ben's 30th birthday celebration!!

So about a month ago I took Ben away for his 30th birthday!
I didn't tell him anything, I just told him he had to take 2 days off of school!
Finally before we left, I told him we were driving somewhere.
We drove 3 hours west to Austin, TX!
At a pit stop at a Starbucks, we ran into some suprise visitors!
Stacy and Larry Wibbeler!!
Everyone was in on the suprise, except for Ben!
He was pretty suprised!
We spent that night at Ben's favorite restaurant Hondo's!
We had such a great night!
Larry and Stacy!
Stacy pointing out the sweet table we sat at!
I wanted to take it home!
Ben and Larry pointing at the Hondo's sign before dinner!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suprise visit!

More than a month ago, we were so lucky to be able to spend the
evening with Craig!
He had a week long training in Dallas, got done early, changed his
plane ticket to fly out of Houston!
After Craig drove 4-5 hours...we met up with him!
We went out for some great Mexican food and watched a movie!
He flew out early the next morning!
It was a crazy fast visit, but it was so great to be able to see him!
Craig and Ben at dinner!
Thanks for making that terrible drive from Dallas to see us!
And just like the movie we saw... "I love you man!"

Elaina Catharine "Laney" born October 1st

My brother Nate and his wife Brooke welcomed into the world
Elaina Catharine!
A beautiful healthy baby girl!
I am so happy for them!
Nate, Brooke, and Elaina- on her birthday!
Precious sweet baby girl!
Proud daddy!
Aunt Emmy and Uncle Ben
So sweet! I think she looks a lot like Hudson when she was born!
More girly of course!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pics from this summer!!

Well, it's been awhile since my last post...been busy and getting a new computer and figuring this blogging out on the new computer has been a challenge as well!
While looking on what to blog on, I forgot about these pictures from this summer!
Ben's brother Josh drove down to TX with Ben!
We tried to give Josh a whirlwind tour of Houston while he was here!
It was so great to have him see where we live!
We went to the Johnson Space Center! This is one of 5 fuel thingys
on the back of this rocket! It was crazy huge!
Josh and Ben on the trolly ride through the space center in the 110 degree heat!
The boys looking muscular standing near the windy Gulf of Mexico!
We ate ice cream outside...but with the hot breeze, it melted pretty quick!
"Brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta hug!"
Ben and Josh near Galveston Bay!
It was so great to have you down here Josh! The only thing that
would've made it better would be if Tamara came with you next time!