Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jason Mraz

Saturday night Ben and I went to go see Jason Mraz in
downtown Houston! It was a great concert!
Check out his music!
He is pretty talented!

Nick & Jenni came to visit!

Nick & Jenni came over for a quick visit last weekend!
Picked them up from the airport and had some great Mexican food!
I, unfortunatly didn't take too many pictures...but here is what I did get!
My sister-in-law Brooke getting pedicures!
My sister-in-law Jenni!

Nick & Ben putting our new grill together...just so we could have
some of that yummy bacon wrapped BBQ shirmp!

Our wonderful neighbor Rick...insisted that he was photographed with
Ben and Nick...sorry Nate, you were replaced in this pic!

The girls getting the food and drinks ready!!
Thanks for flying across the Gulf to come and visit Nick and Jenni!
We had such a great time!
Miss and love you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trying to solve the age-old question...

Do blondes have more fun?
Well...I am still the same person and still having just as much fun,
so I'm not sure how to answer that!
Just thought I'd try a darker color...not sure if I like it yet...
but I think it's growing on me!
"Senior Picture" by our fireplace!
My wonderful husband and I!
Just before dinner and a movie!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!