Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's in the Walls?

Well, unfortunatly the last 3 out of 4 nights, Ben and I have been awakened by some type of living creature scratching, knawing, eating away at something in our ceiling. This is not the way I like to be awakened at night. It soon stops after the ceiling is pounded on a couple of times. The apartment complex has been notified, and the exterminator is coming tomorrow (Wednesday). It sounds to me like it is huge, like a racoon or an elephant or something. My husband seems to think that it is a rat... but now thinks it may be bigger than that.
Any other suggestions as to what may be in the walls? Winner gets the satisfaction of being awesome! Good luck guessing, and please pray that crumblings of dry wall and a big furry animal does not fall into our bed tonight! Sweet Dreams!

Top 3 laughing baby´s

If this doesn't make you laugh.... there's something wrong with you! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night we went geocaching with the Holtvluwers!
We didn't get too far, since we started at dusk! But we had a good time!

Ben was our GPS genius! Hudson loves to touch Uncle Ben's head!!

Smile Buddy!
That's more like it!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posting lately. Nothing new to update on. Since our busy time in Michigan, we have settled back into our routine back in Texas....well, at least Ben has! I unfortunatly have been unemployed since we've been back. I do have a job lined up, but I do not start until the 28th of January. I will be working at MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is the #1 cancer center in the world. I will be working there on a "per diem" basis, which means I only have to work 1 shift every two weeks, but I can work more than that if I want :) Being without a job I have been struggling to find things to do (unfortunatly shopping, my favorite, is not as fun when done by myself... and with pulling in zero income, I find it hard to spend)! I've cleaned, cooked, baked, exercised, caught up on the news, job hunted, babysat, ect... Needless to say, I am excited to work again! Today is cold and rainy in Texas, although I hear Michigan is hitting single digits! Yikes! I guess cold, is cold....but that is stinking cold! Well! Here's to the weekend!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hanging with the Mathews!

Our last night in Michigan we were so excited to spend it with
Josh & Tamara and the girls!
We were there to help Emma celebrate her 5th birthday!
We had a great time, and a great meal! (Thanks Tamara!)
Uncle Ben & Emma
Aunt Emily & Josie
Addie! Just being stinkin' cute!
Posing for a picture before bedtime!
Love you girls!

Gotta love the camera timer! It only took 3 times to get this shot!

What a great time! Miss you guys already!

Babies Everywhere We Go!!

More Pics from Michigan!
While catching up with our friends... we were able to see their kin!
Many of our friends had babies the past 6 months!
It was good to see them all! Some very, very proud parents!
Kylah Taetsch
Kylah Taetsch (3 months)
Madison Westhouse (6 weeks)
Madison Westhouse

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hudson's First Christmas

Meeting up with Friends

We were able to have sometime to catch up with our friends all over Michigan.
I unfortunatly didn't get pictures of everyone.
It was tough being up for a week and half and trying to see everyone.
Probably one of the hardest things we had to do.
We were very happy to catch up with some friends, sad that we didn't get to see
everyone; but we are so thankful for all of our friends.
All of them are irreplaceable...and we miss everyone so much!
Susan, Al, Me, and Madison (6 weeks old)!
She's such a cutie!

After church Sunday morning, we headed out to Beaners...aka Bigbys
with the Wibbelers and Metzgers! It was so great to see them and to hang out with them after church. I could've stayed at the coffee house all day! It was so good to be back in town!

And I can't say enough how much we value our friendships.

Dinner out with Famiy!

We were able to meet up with the Currys and Ben's
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Carl at the Cracker Barrel on the way home
from Indiana! It was a nice time with family!
It was also Ben & I's first real meal in 3 days!
Uncle Ben, Simeon, Aunt Emily, Olivia
What a great smile!

Mathew Family Christmas!

December 26-28th was spent with the Mathews in Martinsville, IN.
We had days filled with 8 children (ages 10 months- 10 years)
playing, catching up with everyone, and many treats and great meals!
We had a great time... we didn't get to snack on the treats as
we were still taking it easy from the events on Christmas Day!
Emma & Josie were zonked on the couch!

Simeon giving Uncle Ben a check up! He kept saying his blood pressure was 5!!

All the grandkids gathered around their grandma to hear a story one morning!
Grandma made all the grand-girls fuzzy pink jumpers! Don't they look beautiful!?

Then there are the boys with their matching pajama pants!

Christmas Day

Unfortunatly, I do not have single picture that was taken on Christmas Day.
Ben & I spend our first Christmas being sick.
And I'm not talking just a little sniffle...we were violently ill!
Water and saltines didn't even want to stay in our systems for too long!
We spend the day at my parents house, they quarantined us in a room.. and we spent
the day changing from the couch, to the recliner, to the floor, to the bathroom!
It wasn't so much a Merry first Christmas....but it will be a memorable first Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve!

We flew into South Bend, Indiana on Sunday December 23. The flight was fine,
but the drive home reminded us of why it's not so bad to live in Texas!
We were greeted with 60 mph winds and blowing snow that made it able
to only see about 1 foot in front of the car on the way home!
But we made it!!
Christmas Eve we spent with my family!
We had a wonderful evening of food and fun!
Mom and me before the celebration begun!

Ben & Aunt Pam had some serious teamwork trying to get that wine bottle open! After about 10 minutes.... they got it! It was well worth the wait!

Megan & Bob!
The Koeze girls!! It's not Christmas without family!
Cousin Sarah and I!!