Monday, November 29, 2010

This Month

A Florida-kind-of Thanksgiving!
Ben & I decided to drive over to Florida for Thanksgiving this year!
It was a short fun trip! But well worth it!
Can't say I had gone to the beach on black Friday before,
but it was far better sitting on the beach with 80 degree weather
than trying to shop at 4 am!!
Clearwater Beach Sunset!

Now, it's hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit with this
weather! But it sure was nice!!

Last Month

Last month my whole family was able to make it down to Texas
for a special 1 year-old little girl's birthday party!
This is the first time since Christmas of 2008 that my family had
all been together!
We all had a great time!
Such a great time, I forgot to take enough pictures, but this is what I got!
Elaina the birthday girl! Turns 1!!
Laney and Aunt Jenni
Me and my brothers!
Me and my sister-in-laws!
Uncle Nick can always make Hudson laugh!!