Monday, June 30, 2008

Our One Year Anniversary!

Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
Well... actually, we both worked today! But we were able to celebrate
this past weekend!
One Year Baby!
Ben took me out to dinner at The Melting Pot, an amazing fondue place!
After dinner, we stayed overnight about an hour away from home!
It was a great night!

I had to stop at Sonic for a smoothie on the way to dinner!

I couldn't help it! I was starving!

THe Picture they took of us and printed for us there!
Our dinner! I had roses waiting for me when we got there!
MMMmmmm Oreo crusted covered marshmallow dipped in rich milk chocolate!
Celebrating with a glass of wine after work today!
I love you baby!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Amazing Sunset Our Last Night!

Storms were coming into Michigan just as the sun was setting.
It was so beautiful.
We thought the sunset was a lost cause as we drove to the Lake...
But it ended up being an amazing sunset!
The sky was red, as the sun dropped into the water,
meanwhile, the storms were rolling in!
Larry & Stacy
Erin & Matt
The whole gang! After the timer shot was perfected!
Three lovely ladies
3 handsome men!
Holland State Park
Taking cover from the wind!

What a beautiful sky.... just when you think they can't get any better,
God "one-ups" Himself!

Catching up with Friends in Michigan

I am almost done posting all of our pictures from our trip home!
Friday we spent some time out on the big lake!
We had a great time spending time with our friends, who we miss so much!
Spent time at the pool, the boat, movie watching, and pizza munching!
Erin & Matt, Ben & Em, Craig & Michelle, Larry & Stacy!

Captain Craig!
Thanks for the ride! Hopefully we can stay on it a bit longer next time!
The boat is awesome! And we are excited to hear about all your new adventures!


"The Girls"
Me, Stacy, Erin, Michelle

"The Boys"

Matt, Craig, Ben, Larry

Michelle and Kylah

Me and Stacy!

Love you girl!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Time with the Holtvluwers!

We were able to spend time with my family too!
Besides the wedding and spending an extended weekend at the lake,
we went to a White Caps game! It was a lot of fun!
And they even won!
Brooke, Nate, Mom & Dad, and Ben!
Ben & I at the game!
Unkie Tim & Aunt Pam
Uncle Tim
It was so great to be home, and even though it is always crazy busy,
It was great to spend time with family, whether it's just sitting around talking,
going to a baseball game, or going out for ice cream... it's always good to be home!
Thanks Mom & Dad for a great week home!
The food and the accommodations were perfect!
Love you! Miss you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Pics at Mooville!

Mooville is an ice cream place as well as a petting zoo!
This is us just getting some pics!
Miss you all!

Dad & Mom Mathew and Ben & I
Tamara! I miss you girl!
Crazy eyes picture
Josh and Ben mocking us!!
Can you believe it?

Josh & Ben
The Mathewss's'sss!
We had such a great time!
We miss you, but are looking forward to out time in Tennesse!

3 Mathew Families!

During the week, we were able to spend some time with Ben's family.
Josh & Tamara and kids
Mom & Dad Mathew
and us!
We had a homecooked meal, then out for ice cream!
Uncle Ben & Josie
Emma & Josie
This was our 5th day in a row of ice cream!
Not that that's a bad thing, but I think we started turning into two twisted ice cream cones!
Josh and his new buddy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Watching storms over Lake Michigan

After the wedding we spent some time up at my Aunt Pam and Unkie Tim's cottage

up on Lake Michigan. The first night, we had a storm coming...the following pictures is how it all developed!

Doesn't look too bad at this point....
Are you serious????
All of us getting comfortable watching the storm roll in!
Maybe we shouldn't get too comfortable!!

Standing up...getting ready to run!
This is the point when we started to pray...
Amazing! At this point the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and the wind picked up!
It was awesome to watch! And the storm really didn't end up being that bad!