Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome Taetschs!

Craig, Michelle, and Kylah came down for a visit!
It was so great to have them come down here!
Of course the time went by too fast... but we cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks!
We went for a quick trip to SanAntonio and met up with Jamie Taylor and his wife Krista!
Ben, Jamie, Craig, and Jamie's son Chase!
The whole gang!
Thank you to the tourist lady who was kind enough to put down her cigarette to take this picture!

A order of "Chili con Queso"

This was by far the sickest plate of chips and cheese I've ever seen. We had some good laughs and a lot of cholesterol!

Visiting at Michelle's Aunt and Uncle's for an amazing meal!

Craig & Kylah
Michelle and Kylah!
The one, the only, adorable Kylah!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Date Night!

Friday night we had date night!
It was so much fun! With all of mad chaos for the past
couple of weeks, it was nice to have a normal Friday night!
We went out to dinner in Kemah, Texas! (Thanks Craig & Michelle).
Walked around afterwards, got some candy, rode the ferris wheel, and
listened to some live music!

The shortest ferris wheel ride in the world. About 3 times around then it was done!
Being cool on the ferris wheel!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Remembering JFK in Dallas

Ben's parents came to visit us!
We had such a great time! Ben and I had to work while they were here,
so we took advantage of our evenings and had some good meals together,
then Ben and I both had Friday off and we all drove up to Dallas together!
Saturday morning we went to the JFK museum.
What an aweing place to stand and to see.
Right under the street signs is where JFK was shot.
The window just above the tree on the left hand side is the window where
he was shot from. That is where the museum is now.

Same picture, but closer up!

An aweing place to see.

"The Grassy Knoll"

Across the grassy knoll.

It was so great to have you both down here! My biggest regret is that I do not have a single picture of you all here! What was I thinking? I aparently wasn't!

Also, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind as I went through that museum. All I remember learning of JFK was that he was a young president and that he was murdered young. At the museum I learned a lot about him. I also learned that our country seemed a lot more united back then. It makes me sad to see how divided our own fellow Americans are among each other, maybe I am just very sensitive to it right now because we are in the midst of all the politics right now. But it really made me sad. We've made so many advances as a nation, but sometimes it seems like we are growing farther and farther apart from being united.

Kenny Chesney or Bust!

Ben and I were able to go to a Kenny Chesney concert while we were in Dallas!
An outdoor arena, 70 degrees, sunny, no humidity.... it was a perfect night!
LeAnne Rimes opened, then Brooks & Dunn, then...
The one and only Kenny!
He was so great!
This is the arena before the show got started!
We had great seats! Thanks for the great birthday present Ben!

A pic of us during the concert!
I tried to give platelets at work earlier in the week. Needless to say, it didn't work and my vein blew... so I've been sporting this sweet bruise for the past week... and it keeps growing! See what I get for trying to help!
Brooks N Dunn
Their hot air balloon flew over the the stage right when they opened! Rock ON!