Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Larry & Stacy came to visit!! Yippee!!

The Wibbelers came down for a Rootin'- Tootin' Texas Vay-cay!
We had such a great time! Feel free to scroll down and see our adventures!
Thank you guys for coming down to visit!
It means so much to us!
Miss you so much!

Hiking at Enchanted Rock State Park!

This is the final climb up...I am suprised I made it!


I tried taking this through my sunglasses... It looks okay! Ben, however, looks amazing!
Finding God's intricate beauty among the rocks!
Stacy and Larry almost to the top!

There are 3 rocks in this picture... can you find them?
Yeah for friends!!
Whatelse can I say about this picture?

Visit to Fredericksberg, TX!

Spent time Friday in Fredericksberg, TX!
This is a sweet, little town about 1 hour west of Austin!
Plenty to do! We spent some time by the pool, shopping at the
many downtown shops, and having great food at a local bar!
Long Islands were the drink of the night!
What a great night!

This is the outdoor bar we went at night!
Stacy and I learned to 2-step!
It was such a great night!

San Antonio!

We visited San Antonio, TX on Saturday!
Spent some time on the Riverwalk.
And had dinner, and ice cream!

We had dinner right next to the river! It was the perfect spot!
This is actually the entrance to the Coyote Ugly bar.
It looks more patriotic from the outside... I'll just leave it at that!

Bloopers... didn't quit make the cut!

Of course there are the pictures that don't quite turn out as well as you'd hoped!
Here are some from our trip... I thought it would be fun to put a little
montage together!
Stacy & I -- weird smiles!
Ben! Open your eyes!!!
Ben.... again.... the eyes!!!
Stacy.... you're hanging out with Ben too much!
My neck looks like a tree trunk here.
I can't believe I posted this!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Church of Oprah Exposed

Very interesting... not quite sure I'm too excited to watch Oprah anytime soon... if ever again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hudson & Grandpa Holtvluwer

After church today Hudson went for a ride on Grandpa's
shoulders! He loved it up there!
My dad was able to come and visit for the past 2 weeks!
He's been helping us fix up our new home and also has
been spending time with Hudson!

What a beautiful day we had!

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson

We were able to celebrate with Hudson on his first birthday!
We had a fun afternoon in the park!
Hot dogs, chips, and cupcakes!
It was a great party!
Happy birthday buddy!

Hudson and his mommy!
The Holtvluwers