Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babysitting Hudson

Emily spends some of her freetime babysitting our nephew Hudson. He's starting to talk and like any good aunt would do, Emily spent some of their day together making sure that Hudson knew some of the most important words that he will take with him for the rest of his life.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More and more and more..........

Driving North to Crockett, Texas where we tried to get away from the storm (I really wanted to stay to watch the festivities from my roof with my shotgun and a canoe, but my vote got vetoed)
Driving south back to Houston. Notice any difference in the weather? We were greeted in Houston with flash flooding. Luckily the ground was completely saturated by this point from the 15 inches of rain dropped by Ike.

Sorry this pic is a little blurry. Beware all northerners (or Yankees) as we're called down here). There are about to be a million cars from the south for sale. They may not have rust but at one point most of them were flooded. This is a car dealership along the I-45 freeway. I guess if the food is too spicy at this Mexican Kitchen you can always go for a quick dip in the pool in the parking lot to cool off! Good luck figuring out what restaraunt it is, the sign is probably in Lousiana somewhere.
My back yard, it looks a little bigger without the fence to block your view. The trees although still standing (nice) were pushed about 2 inches in the ground towards the house.

Looking through the window.

This is Ike through the window....Scaled down to Cat 1

More Ike

Does this look open to you?
24 hours from what? It's a new workout program called putting up plywood then taking it down after a huge storm kicks your town's butt across the gulf coast!

The old saying "Red sky in the morning, sailors warning..."
This was about 6a.m. the morning before Ike hit

Does this look like your friendly local grocery?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

These are some photos of our neighborhood.
Lots of trees down, debris over the roads, no power, and lots of fences down.

Pictures taken just driving around our neighborhood.

Shoo Ike....don't bother me!

Hurricane "Ride-Out" Team!

This is the wonderful group of people I was locked in the hospital with
for 72 hours.
This was taken the night before we were pretty sure we were going to go home!
We were all pretty happy!

I work with great people, and they made this experience not only tolerable, but actually fun!
Go MD Anderson P12!!

Before Ike

So...as everyone knows...we had a hurricane here.
This is what our house looked like before Ike came around.
Ben & Nate stayed up into the wee hours of the night boarding up our windows!
Here's a couple of pics of our house getting ready for the big storm!

The front door...it doesn't look so inviting does it?
Our backyard
Nate & Ben's workshop...where they cut the boards...
I think that this was a Wednesday...Ike hit Friday night.