Sunday, April 19, 2009


Saturday morning, I babysat my nephew Hudson!
We had a great time together!
He found my broom and started to sweep the floors;
so I kicked my feet up and told him where to go!
What a trooper!
So that's why people have kids!

Our dog Chai

We've had a lot of rain here the past 2 days!
This is what we opened up our front door to yesterday
evening! I heard we had 5 inches of rain an hour! For 3 hours!
I'm thinking maybe flood insurance is on the to do list for this week!
Ben said it was 2 feet from our front door!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Texas Blue Bonnets

When I came to visit my brother and sister-in-law about 4 years
sister-in-law Brooke introduced me to a Texas tradition.
Every spring, Blue Bonnets grow wild on the side of highways, fields, ect...
The tradition is to pull off the side of the highway and get your picture/family picture
taken in the field of these beautiful flowers!
Well, this weekend, Ben and I did some mountain biking Friday and Saturday,
and on our trip home on Saturday, we saw many people stopped on the side
of the road taking pictures in these huge fields full of blue bonnets!
So we gave into the Texas tradition for the first time!

Our picture, the best we could do on our own!
Me in the blue bonnets!

Ben didn't think it was very manly to get a picture of himself sitting
in flowers, so this is what he gave me to work with!

So beautiful! I love spring!

Laying down in the flowers!
Happy Spring everyone!