Friday, June 25, 2010

More Biking!!

Last weekend we drove out to Warda, TX (about 1 hour east of Austin) to do
some more mountain biking! We left early in the morning and arrived there at 9:30am.
We biked 6.5 miles and took a rest and rehydrated ate some snacks
then went out for another 6.5 miles.
The second time around was so hot...I think like a gazillion degrees or so!
Getting ready to ride!
Our friends, Ric and Melissa
The girls! Melissa, Cheryl, and me
The boys, Ben, Booker, and Ric
Mel and I

It was a great time and we went out for some good pizza and Dairy Queen afterwards!
Hey! We deserved it!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back on the Bike!

So last year everyone (or 2 people) seemed to be flipping over their
mountain bike and cracking or dislocating their shoulder, and this made Emily
a little more fearful of getting back on the bike!
Well, it was time to "get back on the horse"!
The past two weekends we have gone biking... and it's been more fun
than I remember!
This past Sunday we packed up a picnic and after our 8 mile ride, we
had a great picnic lunch! Despite it being 96 degrees, we had a
"coolish" breeze which made it tolerable to be outside!
After our picnic... feeling good!

We found some showers at the campground and posed for a
picture in front of our 4Runner with his/her bikes on top!
It was a great day!


Last week I babysat my niece and nephew!
Lots of playtime and reading books!
They are getting so big!


Hudson being a cheeser!