Sunday, February 20, 2011

Durango, Colorado

Last weekend we were able to take a last minute ski trip to Colorado!
We had such a great time and cannot wait to go back!

Pausing on the slopes for a great shot!
I was so intense about staying up on my skiis, sometimes I forgot
to look around at the amazing creation!
We were flown there in one of my co-workers private planes!
This excited guy had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit during take off!
My 2 wonderful co-workers that we enjoyed the trip with!
Their significant others were also there!
Looking good on those ski's!!
Finished off the trip with a great valentine's dinner with my guy!


K and K and kids said...

sweet place to go! I have only been on the ski lift in the summer and that was beautiful too! Glad to see your doing well!

Steve and Allison Alles said...

Awesome! Glad you could get away for awhile.

thesscurry said...

I cannot believe how much my brother looks like dad did 'back in the day'... Steve used to say that he could see what I would look like as I aged when he saw Grandma Hertel and Mom stand side by side with me... I'd say there might be some family resemblance when you do the same with Ben!

Am, SO glad that you got the opportunity to ski the slopes in CO. How much fun! :-)

Tamara said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip!