Monday, February 28, 2011

Houston Rodeo BBQ cookoff!

Every March the Rodeo comes to Houston for about 3 weeks!
The weekend before it starts, there is a huge cookoff!
The parking lot of Reliant Stadium is turned into a mini-city:
complete with street signs and addresses!
Each business has a tent- and each tent is invitation only!
All you can eat! All you can drink!
As long as you are wearing the right wrist band!
We were invited by a couple of teachers that Ben works with!
It was so much fun and the food was amazing!
So to all my friends near and far... the best time to visit Houston is in March!
The Rodeo is such a great time!
Just saying... if you need to get away from the cold and snow! This
is the perfect month to do it!!

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Tamara said...

I wish we WERE there! Miss you guys so much, and could use a good time hanging out in Texas with y'all. :) See, I'd fit in. :)